Lost Valley Cider Co. is proud to be an active and charitable member of our community. We take our mission, our sustainability, and our support of non-profit organizations seriously. We believe in thinking globally, acting locally, and supporting efforts that are specifically aligned with our brand.

Lost Valley Cider Co. is focused on shared adventure exploring the ciders of the world. Sharing with and educating our friends and customers about ciders -- and doing it in a way that pays tribute to our background as wilderness hikers and adventurers -- is what Lost valley Cider Co. is all about.


Community Giving Request Form

This form must be completed prior to any donation request being considered and in a minimum of 30-days prior to your event date.  You may be asked to provide a flyer, donation letter or other proof of the event to qualify for consideration.  At this time, Lost Valley Cider Co. does not make cash donations.

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Date Donation Needed

Your request will be reviewed by management.  You will be notified by email if your request is approved. If the "Donation Needed" date passes without hearing from us, we are unable to help at the time of your request.  There are many legitimate and worthy causes we are unable to assist because our resources are limited -- We do our best to make choices that will have the greatest impact on our community aligned with our mission.